Stay Beeautiful

Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


Collage project with Nick White

Had the first day of our 2 day collage project with Nick White today. We had to bring in various items such as LPs, videos, paperbacks, all with interesting imagery, to recreate. At first i found it quite hard to get into, but once i got into it i really enjoyed it. The top image is my version of the sound of music made into a video cassette cover. The image underneath is my version of the video 'Whisky Galore', but in LP format. Nick was a really funny guy with some impressive pieces. Also never knew he went to Kingston uni, i love it when we meet successful artists from our own kind aha.


Sweet Tooth

Took a trip to camden yesterday with my mum as she came to visit me at uni. Beautiful place, don't think anyone could ever get bored there. Here is a little doodle i did of one of the sweet stalls, photographed and messed around with in photoshop.


Front cover - attempt 2

i like this one tonnes more

Front Cover - really not sure

I wanted to keep it fairly simple, because i don't want the reader to get confused or overwhelmed when they see the front cover, or give too much away. I want to keep that sense of mystery. But i don't know if this is TOO simple. hmm..


4th illustration, representing the jury heads and the jail bars.


The Beach

3rd illustration, the beach scene with the shooting of the Arab.


Annabel Wright

Lucinda Rogers

I know she's very well known but I'm about to start location drawing and i just love the way she captures her images, inspo y'all!

Happy Birthday

I've just completed this for my best friend and her boyfriends' joint 21st pressie. The original of this is the image of them two painted with acrylic on canvas with the watercolour pattern around it. But i editing this slightly on photoshop slightly for the sake of the blog because yet again i took a bit of a bad blurry photo of it haha. I hope she doesn't look on here..


Bit of a crappy photo but you get the idea, illustration number 2.


The Procession

Here is the first illustration - work in progress, illustrating the walk to Meursault's mothers funeral


The Stranger

I've been given a project from my course to illustrate the book 'The Stranger' by Albert Camus which will also be entered into a competition launched by The House of Illustration and The Folio Society. I've just finished the was quite a difficult read for me. And i think it's going to be a challenge to illustrate. I'll post my design ideas when i get cracking!