Stay Beeautiful

Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


More of Anthony!

all work in progress :)


more work in progress

Unrelated to Illustration but...I NEED

So i've just discovered this wonderful creature Jesse Jo who has collaborated with Vans and made a new collection of creepers and tattered clothing literally TO die for. But they don't have any of the shoes available online. And all the shops are in America. great.


Anthony loves Adventures

Been playing around with ideas for the character of the adventure book. Came up with this little fella, i.e Anthony! The book is about a small child who loves adventures, something children can relate to. I wanted a cheeky look, and i'm keeping my images quite loose and playful as i'm new to the ol' characters. So i'm sticking to pastels, coloursoft pencils and watercolours, with a dash of photoshop. A nice combo I think!


In the process of developing images for the Childrens picture book story i am working on for a summer project. Proving harder than i thought!


Sweet tooth

Made these beauties today for my new room at uni. can't wait to move in now :)


Jeffrey Campbell

my GOSH his shoes are to die for. I wish there was a shop in the UK :'(

Belated Berlin

Some single/double exposed photos taken on my Diana F+ whilst in Berlin

Not all of them turned out quite so well, a lot didn't develop at all as i'd obviously taken them with not enough light present :/ but had a play around with photoshop and layering with two of them (shown below) quite like the outcome. spacey.



playing around with photoshop

practising my fashion illustration skills


Russell Leng

This guy is my new fave at the moment. His shapes and colours are gorgeous.

Tossa De Mar

Pub notes

All of these words and all of these pictures...

My lovely boyfriend bought me this gorgeous Rob Ryan notebook for my birthday. I love his intricate pattern cutting and i will always be a fan of his work

100th post!

And for it i will adorn you with more wonderful pubs :) I've been a busy bee! I also went for a shit-pub crawl with my parents and their friends at the weekend, got a lot of interesting information, sketches, and photos. Will upload images of what i gathered next! (bare in mind i ws having a drink in each pub, so the concentration to detail and why i was actually doing the pub crawl kind of went out the window towards the end) Had loads of fun though and i'm going to do it again next weekend to get more information from the pubs i didnt make it to/ didnt get much from.