Stay Beeautiful

Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy



My friend is creating a Zine with a group of people for her second year project at Nottingham Trent and asked me to come up with an idea for the cover. The idea behind the zine is what inventions would make the world a better place, including some bizarre ideas like glow in the dark food. Heres my interpretation of a suitable cover. Was fun playing with circles!


mock up design

So, for my final major I am creating montages of photos from the late 1950s. I found an album at a flea market in Berlin of a german family and their trips around Germany and really wanted to use them. I then decided I wanted to combine these with English photos from around the same era and produce a set of newly constructed photographs. I like the idea that this 'coming together' of English and German families would never of happened at this time due to WW2, so I think it's a really lovely concept. This is a rough idea of how I am going to approach the task of combining the two - scanning the photos in and layering on photoshop, then hand drawing in certain bits to fill in the gaps. I want to then print them out so they have the same format as a normal photo, and then produce an album to display them all in :) 6 weeks to do it...wish me luck!


mix & match

"God knows what you'll find in there"

Abigail Reynolds

This work has inspired and helped me so much today with my final major project idea. Sorted out my head!


Kingston Fashion Show 2011, my exhibition!

So I had my exhibition last night at The Market House in Kingston. It was such a lovely evening with other fashion designers and artists present, and lots of free champagne and nibbly bits! I met some lovely people, and someone even bought one of my location drawings. At the end of the night they put me into a free prize draw to draw a portrait for someone so i am very much looking forward to that. All proceeds went to charity so it was great to do something for a good cause and get my work out there.