Stay Beeautiful

Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


Rugby Pub Crawl

SO after a lot of procrastination i have finally started my Summer Live project for Berlitz. We have to come up of a way of creating a hybrid of language and travel based on a place of choice, to make the perfect travellers guide. I have chosen my lovely home town of (D)Rugby. To begin with i felt so uninspired as i don't feel like anyone would want to come here on there travels but i went on a gander with my mum today and we noticed just how many pubs there are in Rugby. My mum says that a long time ago we were known to be the town with the most pubs per square metre or something ridiculous like that. So i thought, what better thing to do than design a travellers pub crawl around Rugby! I'm going to map out the pubs, go to each one and listen to the local language, observe the local punters, and then put together a sort of walk for a traveller to enjoy. From pub to pub i will pick out local beauty from the old buildings to the smiles from the market for a traveller to absorb and HOPEFULLY create something innovative and inspiring. Heres my first illy of the good ol' Prince of Wales. Yummy...

Wedding Bells

I have just completed this for my friends Beck and Jim (of whom i did a portrait of for Becks birthday) to give to Jim's sister as a wedding present. It took me a fair while as i kept coming back to it but i am pleased with the result. I chose a light background of pastel pink and tealy blue to match the colours they are having for their wedding, and i also put a rose in her hair as they are the flowers she will be having. Completed with a mechanical pencil and ProMarkers.


Space n ting

I came accross a picture of a model on tumblr, and I had a real urge to draw her. So I did. I usually get that with figures/faces, I get this massive urge to DRAW them.