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Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


My first go at etching!

At the beginning of the term we had 3 days in the printing studio and our task was to produce an image from an extract of a 1900s Novel using imagery only from 1970s Sunday Times magazines. Bit of a strange project, but i thoroughly enjoyed making the imagery and having a go at etching this images, something i hadn't tried before. The image above shows the basic outline, and the image above that shows the image with Aquatint on it (gives the plate rough areas to create tone) with some colour as well. It was good to experiment with new processes and techniques and for a first go, i'm quite pleased with it. Although if i was to do it again i would definitely include some sort of background to tie the whole image together.

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