Stay Beeautiful

Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


mock up design

So, for my final major I am creating montages of photos from the late 1950s. I found an album at a flea market in Berlin of a german family and their trips around Germany and really wanted to use them. I then decided I wanted to combine these with English photos from around the same era and produce a set of newly constructed photographs. I like the idea that this 'coming together' of English and German families would never of happened at this time due to WW2, so I think it's a really lovely concept. This is a rough idea of how I am going to approach the task of combining the two - scanning the photos in and layering on photoshop, then hand drawing in certain bits to fill in the gaps. I want to then print them out so they have the same format as a normal photo, and then produce an album to display them all in :) 6 weeks to do it...wish me luck!

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