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Selections from my A-Level works, Foundation Diploma and on-going projects throughout my first year at Kingston mixed with some more personal pieces...enjoy


Fresh new shiny year of illustration!

So I haven't been blogging a lot (appologies) but i've just entered my second year of uni and everythings been a bit hectic! I've been getting on with my two summer projects (the childrens book crit was today and went really well!) and i also signed up to be the fashion illustrator for an outside project of which i've started off by making the poster for. I'm not sure whether i can share the information with you for the event just yet (watch this space!), so i'll just give you a taster with the border i designed :)
First off i made a stencil (blisters on fingers ooch!) then i dabbed watercolour into the stencil design. Once this had dried i scanned it into the computer and played around with layers and hue to make quite a 'psychedelic' design. I'm really happy with it, it was a lot more complicated than this but due to all of the information having to be put onto the poster it had to be simplified, but overall i'm very happy with the result and really look forward to attending the show and getting some life drawings done of the beautiful Saris that will be on show!

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